Ruska emigracija na Balkanu (1920-1940)

TitleRuska emigracija na Balkanu (1920-1940)
Publication TypePublication review
AuthorsFalina, Maria
Author(s) of reviewed materialJovanović, Miroslav

Title translated:
Russian Emigration in the Balkans 1920-1940

PublisherBeograd: Čigoja Štampa
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This book by Serbian historian Miroslav Jovanović is the result of his long-time and thorough research on the history, structure and fate of the Russian émigré community in the Balkans from the October revolution till the Second World War. The monograph attempts to grasp as fully as possible the life of the Russian exiles in the Balkan countries Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Romania.

This interdisciplinary study covers issues as diverse as the "high international politics" of the Russian immigration, the judicial status of the migrants and their contribution to the culture of the host country. Jovanović successfully combines a number of approaches to the wide range of materials that he has covered, and thus he can discuss problems of social, demographical, and structural transformation within the émigré public in equal depth. Special attention is paid to women and children, their role and place in the life of the community. A considerable part of the book is devoted to the analysis of the political ideas (and ideals) that were spread among the politicians, philosophers, and other intellectuals in exile.

Originally written in Serbian, the book is also available in Russian