Józef Kremer (1806-1875)

TitleJózef Kremer (1806-1875)
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Author(s) of reviewed materialMaj, Jacek

book. Title translated: Józef Kremer (1806-1875)
Includes English and Italian summaries.

PublisherKraków: Universitas
ISSNISBN 97883-242-0748-0
IssueSeries: Ars Vetus et Nova, 25
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This book contains 24 articles by Polish, Italian, German and Swiss scholars on the life and work of Józef Kremer who was a historian of art, a philosopher, an aesthetician and a psychologist.

Kremer was a proponent of Hegelianism (later also its critic) and also the author of the first systematic treatise on aesthetics in polish (Letters from Kraków, 1843, vols. 1-3, 1855-1856) . His Journey to Italy (vols. 1-5, 1859-1864) was not only a popular lecture series on the history of art, but also - as with Jacob Burckhardt - a history of the „inner soul” rich in philosophical and literary allusions. Kremer shared the scholar from Basel's critical appraisal of baroque art, but also in contrast to him appreciated the works of Michelangelo. Kremer's most important achievement in psychology was the systematic division of psychic phenomenon into the conscious and the unconscious as well as the treatment of anthropology as a science which probes the mutual relation between these two. By considering the act as the best source of information about a person, Kremer anticipated Wilhelm Dilthey's position.

Materials from the international scholars' symposium organized jointly on the occasion of the 200th  birthday of Józef Kremer (2006) by the Jagiellonian University's History of Art Institute and by the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences.  


Józef Kremer, Autobiography

Isabel Röskau-Rydel, The Kremer family

Urszula Perkowska, Józef Kremer - a graduate and professor of the Jagiellonian University

Jerzy Starnawski, Remarks on the Józef Kremer's speech as rector

Zbigniew Sudolski, Józef Kremer in the light of his diaries and correspondence

Julian Dybiec, Józef Kremer in Polish scholarly thought of the 19th and 20th century

Stanisław Borzym, Józef Kremer and Henryk Struve

Jan Woleński, Józef Kremer as a logician

Edmund Kowalski, The notion of ethics according to Józef Kremer

Bartłomiej Dobroczyński, Józef Kremer's project of scientific psychology

Marta Kudelska, The culture and art oft India according to Józef Kremer

Joachim Śliwa, Józef Kremer's Egypt and the Middle East

Maria Kalinowska, The image of Greece in the writing of Józef Kremer

Joanna Ugniewska, Józef Kremer's Journey to Italy

Jan Zieliński, Józef Kremer in Trieste

Luca Bernardini, Józef Kremer in Florence

Krzysztof Żaboklicki, Józef Kremer in Naples

Olga Płaszczewska, Literature and legen in Józef Kremer's Journey to Italy

Olaf Krysowski, Józef Kremer and the Polish romantics

Dariusz Pniewski, Józef Kremer and Cyprian Norwid. An outline of problem

Magdalena Saganiak, The elements of irrationalism in the aesthetics of Józef Kremer

Ryszard Kasperowicz, Jacob Burckhardt and Józef Kremer

Piotr Szubert, The statue as a spiritual apparition: about Józef Kremer's views on sculpture

Urszula Bęczkowska, Karol Kremer and Józef Kremer: about the presence of the aesthetic concepts of the author of Letters from Krakow in the architectural and restoration work of Krakow builders in the mid-19th century

Małgorzata Woźna-Stankiewicz, Józef Kremer's viewpoints on music in the context of 19th-century music culture