2016, Vol. 43, no. 1-2, Race, Science and Medicine in Central and Eastern Europe around 1900

Thematic issue

Guest editor: Emese Lafferton

Emese Lafferton, Race, Science, and Medicine in Central and Eastern Europe in the Daces around 1900: An Intorduction
Andrew Zimmerman, Race against Revolution in Central and Eastern Europe: From Hegel to Weber, from Rural Insurgency to ‘Polonization’
Andre Gingrich, Science, Race, and Empire: Ethnography in Vienna before 1918
Filip Herza, Anthropologists and Their Monsters: Ethnicity, Body, and Ab/Normality in Early Czech Anthropology
Marina Mogilner, Racial Psychiatry and the Russian Imperial Dilemma of the “Savage Within”
Keely Stauter-Halsted, Bio-politics between Nation and Empire: Venereal Disease, Eugenics, and Race Science in the Creation of Modern Poland
Colin Cotoi, Cholera, Health for All, Nation-Building and Racial Degeneration in Nineteenth-Century Romania
Vedran Duancic, Geographical Narration of Interwar Yugoslavia: Serbian, Croatian, and Slovenian Perspective, 1918 to the mid-1920s


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