Serbia: the History behind the Name

TitleSerbia: the History behind the Name
Publication TypePublication review
AuthorsPetrovic, Vladimir
Author(s) of reviewed materialPavlowitch, Stevan K.


PublisherLondon: C.Hust & Co. Publishers Ltd.
ISSNISBN 1850654778
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Pavlowitch's work is a short synthetic work in the form of an expanded essay, covering the history of Serbia from the early medieval period until the 20th century. The author is tracing long-term continuities and discontinuities of phenomena associated with the name "Serbia." While the medieval period is covered in the brief first part of the book (pp.11-37), more attention is paid to developments in the 19the century (pp.38-81). Still, the accent of the book is clearly on the history of Serbia within the Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav frameworks (pp. 82-270). By stressing the continuous discontinuities in Serbian history, the author treats Serbia as belonging to that "unhappy Europe" (of Jenő Szűcs) that is suffering from structural disbalances related to the separation of state and nation.