2007/2008, Vol. 34-35, no. 1–2, Reconceptualizing the Social: Writing Social History in East Central Europe

Thematic Issue

Edited by Constantin Iordachi 

Table of Contents

  • Constantin Iordachi
    Reconceptualizing the Social: East Central Europe and the New Sociocultural History


  • Arnd Bauerkämper 
    Not Dusk, But Dawn: The Cultural Turn and German Social History after 1990
  • Olaf Mertelsmann
    Social and Oral History in Estonia
  • Roumen Daskalov
    Social History in Bulgaria: Topics and Approaches
  • Yannis Yannitsiotis
    Social History in Greece: New Research on Class and Gender
  • Susan Zimmerman
    The Institutionalization of Women’s and Gender Studies in Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Asymmetric Politics and the Regional-Transnational Configuration
  • Ulf Brunnbauer
    A Promising Liaison? Social History and Anthropology in South-Eastern Europe: Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • Péter Apor
    The Joy of the Everyday: Social History between Oppression and Resistance


  • Martin Ivanov 
    Understanding Economic and Social Developments in the Periphery: Bulgarian National Income, 1892–1924
  • Sabine Rutar
    Oral History as a Method: Variants of Remembering World War Two in Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Laurence Fontaine
    A Reflection on the Concept of Social Identity: The Social Identity of the Migrant Merchants in Early Modern Europe

New Research on Social History

  • Victor Karády 
    Historical Studies of Elite Groups in the Age of Computer Science: The Case of Post-Feudal Hungary


David Ost The Defeat of Solidarity: Anger and Politics in Postcommunist Europe. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2005.

  • Don Kalb
    “Political Sociology Meets Anthropology in the Defeat of Solidarity”
  • Kacper Pobłocki
    “The Bogeyman of Illiberalism”
  • Tibor T. Meszmann
    “(New) Passions Instead of Organized Interest?”
  • Eszter Bartha
    “Look Back in Anger?”
  • Gábor Halmai
    “The Feast of Solidarity”
  • David Ost
    “A Response for East Central Europe Symposium on My Book”


  • Anders Blomqvist
    The Journal Korall and Social History in Hungary: Between International and National Contexts
  • Claudiu Oancea
    Mirroring Post-1989 Romanian Historiography: Revista de Istorie Socială (The Review of Social History)
  • Radina Vučetić and Olga Manojlović Pintar
    Social History in Serbia: “The Association for Social History,” Belgrad